New Fire Safety Statement Form and FAQ Released

The NSW Government has released a new Fire Safety Statement (FSS) form.  This form is used by the building owner when submitting their Annual Fire Safety Statement to their local Council and Fire and Rescue NSW.

The new form (Version 3) will apply to all fire safety statements from 1 February 2020. Until then, the current form (Version 2) will continue to apply.  The new form is clearer and more concise and has been developed based on feedback from industry bodies, building owners and Competent Fire Safety Practitioners.

The new Fire Safety Statement Form (Version 3) is available here.

In addition, the Government has released an updated FAQ for building owners and practitioners, to provide further clarity around the Fire Safety Statement process.

Both documents shed new light upon the rollout of the much anticipated accreditation scheme for Competent Fire Safety Practitioners.  It is expected that this mandatory accreditation will be in place from April 2020, meaning that building owners will be required to choose a fully accredited CFSP under the FPAA accreditation scheme to endorse their Annual Fire Safety Statement.

Competent Fire Safety Professionals has been closely following the rollout of the CFSP accreditation scheme since the beginning and have undertaken the study required to ensure that our CFSPs will be accredited as soon as the scheme comes into effect.

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