Mandatory Accreditation for Competent Fire Safety Practitioners Announced

Mandatory Accreditation for CFSPs required from April 2020

The NSW Government has announced that from April 6th 2020, it will be mandatory for Competent Fire Safety Practitioners to be accredited under the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA) Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS).

This rigorous accreditation scheme is the next phase of the NSW Government’s plan to increase building fire safety across the state. Mandatory accreditation for Competent Fire Safety Practitioners will guarantee that building owners engage highly experienced and skilled fire safety professionals as their CFSPs.

Under the new FPAA scheme, Competent Fire Safety Practitioners will need to be accredited as a Fire Safety Assessor to be able to assess fire safety measures and endorse Annual Fire Safety Statements, and will need accreditation in Fire Safety Design to be able to endorse certain aspects of fire system design work.

Further information is available at the NSW Government website.

Competent Fire Safety Professionals is well prepared for this announcement. Our team have had their fingers on the pulse every step of the way, having commenced the FPAS accreditation process as soon as it was opened in 2019 and anticipate being accredited in February when the accreditation scheme goes live.

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