Why Choose Us?


Our team holds high level tertiary qualifications in fire protection and building codes, giving us insight and understanding that is beyond the Fire Safety Assessor accreditation level and beyond that of our competitors.


Our team has a total of nearly 40 years industry experience across multiple different fire safety measures through inspection, testing, fault rectification, repairs, installation, auditing and certification.


Competent Fire Safety Professionals is not aligned with any specific service provider, ensuring your building inspection and testing activities are reviewed with fresh eyes and without bias.

Local Knowledge

Competent Fire Safety Professionals has been established by long term Northern Rivers locals. We understand the unique challenges that local business people face, and have an established network of professionals and services that you can rely on to get things done. Our team will partner with you through the annual fire safety statement journey, to ensure you get the outcome you need.

Let Competent Fire Safety Professionals take the pain out of the annual fire safety statement process.

Call us today on 026624700702 6624 7007 or get a quote via our online form.

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