Fire Systems Design

Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, an Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety), formerly known as Competent Fire Safety Practitioner, with accreditation in Fire System Design is required for the preparation of plans and specifications for installation, extension or modification of a ‘relevant fire safety system’.

CFSP Fire System Design
Fire System Design

So what exactly is a ‘relevant fire safety system’?

According to the Regulation a ‘relevant fire safety system’ is defined as:

  1. A hydraulic fire safety system such as:
    (i) A fire hydrant system;
    (ii) A fire hose reel system;
    (iii) A sprinkler system (including wall-wetting sprinkler or drencher system).
  2. A fire detection and alarm system; or
  3. A mechanical ducted smoke control system.

Our director Chris Honey holds accreditation for fire detection and alarm system design, and Competent Fire Safety Professionals’ industry network can assist with the design of other relevant fire safety systems.

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